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Success Stories

A Few Success Stories From Our Clients

Auto Sales & Lending
Auto leasing company was run by several family members. However, the major investor was an absentee owner. The investor kept infusing the business with large sums of money. The investor finally brought in a staff bookkeeper to unravel the mess. She worked tirelessly and couldn't figure out how to untangle the mess so we were called in. We did however figure out why the books were in such disarray. Theft! Unfortunately the business shut down however, the investor wasn't losing money any longer.
Smoothie Shop
A real estate broker focused on his primary business and left the Smoothie shop in the hands of a very young manager with no management experience or training. The store lost over 100K in the 1 st year. When we came on board we discovered many issues. Stock wasn't being rotated, recipes were not being followed, the employee scheduling was inaccurate just to mention a few. We spent many hours in the shop monitoring all procedures and made the appropriate changes. It took some time but the shop recovered and is now profitable.
Doggy Daycare & Grooming
This client was new to the world of business and was approved for a SBA loan. The money was deposited into her business savings account. When the contractor invoiced her, she transferred money from the savings account to the operating account. However instead of posting it against the loan she posted it as income. If that was not discovered prior to the tax return filing she would have paid tax for the 49K mistake.
Law Firm
An attorney went to the bank for a loan to purchase a building. his income was more than sufficient that could substantiate the amount of the loan however, he didn't have his bookkeeping in order. It was a hand-written P & L and Balance Sheet. Although the numbers were sufficient to cover the requested amount to borrow he was turned away. He was very fortunate that he was a customer at that bank for many years and the loan was willing to work with him. Most banks would not. We cleaned up his QuickBooks and he was able to present them to the bank and the loan was approved.

Client had several hundred dollars in NSF fees monthly. She couldn't understand why. She paid her bills through bill pay in the evening and her paycheck hit her account next morning. After careful analysis, we figured out what the problem was. The payments were hitting her account 1 st which caused a negative amount and then the paycheck hit the account. We suggested she pay the bills the day after the paycheck hit her account and she save several hundred dollars monthly.
Multi Location Catering
A client’s catering business had 2 locations and they were in 2 different states therefore, he had a manager operating the 2 nd location. He had no idea how each location was fairing financially. When he came to us we set-up his QuickBooks and we presented him with a P & L for each location. What an eye-opening experience. Location #2 was losing a lot of money. Poor management contributed to the loss. The manager wasn't rotating stock, wasn't paying the employees on time and caused poor morale so production was down. After a careful evaluation, he closed that location and his business is now on the upswing.
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