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The consequences of poor customer service
We all know that customer service is an important part of any business and plays a large role in creating loyal customers. A company with great customer service is more likely to have repeat customers. And 70% of Americans in a recent survey said that they are willing to spend more money with companies that they feel provide excellent customer service. Likewise, the effects of bad customer service can be significant. Consider: 78% of consumers have canceled a transaction or did not make an intended purchase because of a poor customer service experience. It’s bad enough that you’ve lost a sale, but the residual effects of one poor experience can add up to a much greater loss. 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again. All it takes is one bad experience to ruin a relationship with even the most loyal customers, and it’s not very easy to win them back. It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. Itis possible to regain favor with an unhappy customer, but that initial experience can never truly be erased. News of bad customer experiences reach more thantwice as many people than that of positive experiences. On average, Americans will tell nine people about a good experience with a business and tell 16 people about a poor one. However, if they voice their criticism on social media, that audience can grow exponentially. Every week, more than 1 million people view tweets about customer service. 80% of those tweets are negative or express criticism. And that’s just one social media platform. Imagine how much larger that audience becomes if a customer posts about a bad experience on multiple social media sites.
The freedom of turning your bookkeeping tasks over to a professional
  • Having an accurate idea of the financial health of your company demands more than just reviewing daily,
    weekly or monthly transactions.
  • Without a strategic look at your cash flow, operating expenses and income, it can be hard to get a feel
    for the big picture of how your small business is performing.
  • That’s where the services of an experienced bookkeeper can make a big difference. It’s not just about
    completing mandatory financial record-keeping entries. It’s also about having someone who is dedicated
    to the big picture and helping you achieve financial success!
  • Our clients tell us we do an outstanding job assisting them with bookkeeping tasks. But we don’t stop there.
  • We also can help businesses with important tasks such as budgeting, cash flow management and payroll.
  • Do you dread those hours spent reconciling your bank account with your ledger? Do you have a solid handle
    on your cash flow? Could you use a refresher on Quickbooks? Need a better idea of how your company is
    performing financially and where it’s headed? Think Shomax Bookkeeping Services.
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