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Shomax Bookkeeping Solutions offers full service bookkeeping to fit the needs of your business!
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Accurate financials

Bookkeeping is the last thing you want to be worrying about. With Shomax, you can count on your books being finished on time.
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Track every detail

Tax time doesn't leave room for errors. Having a bookkeeper ensures accuracy for your books and peace of mind for you.
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Tax time support

We work with your CPA or Tax Professional at tax time we can ensure the accuracy of your books.
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Adapt to your business

Your bookkeeping needs will evolve over time and we will ensure you're always getting the support you need.

Why a Bookkeeper & What Does a CPA do?


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Your Business Plan

This is critical to your success. It will give you direction as to what direction you want your business to go. Here are some key factors:
1. Summary
2. Company Description
3. Market Analysis
4. Organizational & Management Structure
5. Service or Product
6. Marketing & Sales
7. Funding - Financing
8. Financial Projections

At Shomax Bookkeeping Solutions we are QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors & can assist with a variety of these key factors. Where we can’t assist, we can support you in connecting you to other professionals that can point you in the right direction. Call us at (352) 587-4949.
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New standards for selecting passwords

Recommendations for passwords from the National Institute of Standards have changed.
The new recommendations. A password still should be long but should be a phrase, sentence or series of associated words. An example SunWalkRainDrive.

Recommendation for creating passwords:

Step 1. Leverage your power of association by using items that have meaning to you.

Step 2. Use associations unique to you. Passphrases should be words that can go together in your head—e.g., items in your living room, such as BlueCouchFlowerBamboo. Avoid items others could guess, such as your kids’ names.

Step 3. Create a passphrase you can picture, such as the example above of items in your living room.
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1 week ago

Shomax Bookkeeping Solutions

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Where do I begin when starting a business?
1. Select a Legal Structure-corporation, LLC, partnership
2. Register the structure
3. Apply for a Federal Identification Number (EIN)
4. Choose a location
5. Register with the Federal, State & Local tax agencies
6. Secure permits and licenses
Shomax can help call today for a cost-free consultation 352-587-4949
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1 week ago

Shomax Bookkeeping Solutions

Shomax Bookkeeping Solutions is evolving to meet the expectations of our clients.

More and more of our clients don’t want to deal with accounting or finance or payroll. They want to focus on what they do well – running their businesses – and leave all the other “boring stuff” to Shomax Bookkeeping Solutions.

It’s no wonder that the accounting market is exploding right now.
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Shomax Bookkeeping Solutions

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